An escape game is a time-limited adventure game (mostly 60 minutes), in which you will be locked in with puzzles and tests, your team must succeed in getting out of the game room and / or completing the mission in allocated time.

How did escape games come about?

The Escape Game came from Asia, under the exotic name of Takagism, fans of riddles and puzzles of all kinds began to organize video games, then real play spaces to cogitate their brains! In Europe, it was in Budapest, in the basements of the bars that the innkeepers first adopted this practice to entertain their customers. Today, the game rooms are more and more sophisticated both in decoration and scenarios!

Why play an escape game?

The goal of the game is to spend a convivial moment with friends or colleagues, to strengthen the team spirit, to change his daily life, to use your hidden talents but especially to relax and have fun!

WHY choose Rush Hour?

Our team creates independently all our game scenarios for RUSH HOUR Escape Game France with the latest trends and techniques in 2018. Almost all electronic equipment, few locks.
We work with the most experienced studios who started their innovations in the Escapes Game sector since 2012, even before the first escape game was introduced in France. Available in French and in English.
You will use your hidden talents of adventurer, detective, geographer, astronomer, mathematician … or just a little bit of luck. With our support, these games are suitable for players of all levels.
You only pay € 20 for the online booking and you could pay the rest in cash or credit card when you arrive. No need to pay the money for your teammates in advance, no need to manage the accounts.

What is the size of the teams?

The rooms are designed for teams of 2 to 6 people. Warning: we could not let more than 6 people in!

If you are more than 6, please separate for different teams.
An escape game session is always more exciting with many teammates. A real good plan between friends to change ordinary life.
If you present a company or group, the experience we offer is ideal for Team Building activities.

How long does it take?

The part of escape game lasts 60 minutes, but you should arrive right on time, put your coats to the locker room, finalize your reservation, be aware of some guidelines and discover the mystery that awaits you.
Once the game is done, it takes 15 minutes to debrief and take a souvenir photo.

What happens if we are late?

We advise you to arrive right on time.
The game has a duration of 60 minutes and the next team starts right after you, so, in case you arrive late, we will have to reduce part of your game time in order not to penalize the other players.

Should I arrive in advance?

You must arrive right on time for your reservation, neither earlier nor later.
Be careful, if you are late, your playing time will be reduced.

How to go there?

By public transport, metro stop at the République-Beaux-Arts and walk 580 meters straight on the Boulevard de la liberté, our playroom located at number 38, right next to France 3.

I come by car, where can I park?

You can park on Liberty Boulevard / Rue Bolleux / Rue de Tenremonde

Which outfit is the most appropriate?

Come as you are. You can wear whatever you are comfortable with, wedding dresses and beach shorts are equally welcome.

In what conditions does the student rate apply?

The student rate applies to students, but also to all young people under 18 years old.
If a person in the group is a student, we apply the rate to all group.

Can I pay by Holiday Check or other?

The accepted payment means are:
Online: Credit Card and PayPal
In shop: Bank card and cash
We do not accept checks, holiday checks, sports checks or other means of payment.

We are 7 or more, how can we do?

Our rooms can accommodate 2 to 6 participants.
So, if you are between 7 and 12, you have to split as two teams. From 13 to 18, three teams, etc.

Can I add / remove a person?

Of course, you can add / remove as many people as you want in the limit of 2 to 6 people per room.

From what age can we play?

We do not recommend play to children under 12 years old, to be sure that everyone understand well the game.
Also, in the presence of teenagers under the age of 16, the presence of at least an adult in the room is required.

I’m pregnant, can I come play?

Yes! The game does not require any physical force.

Is the game accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Not for now, Room 1 does not have access for people with reduced mobility because of its special design for its story.

Where is the photo that was taken when I came?

In less than 72 hours all photos will be posted on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rushhourescape/
If ever it is not there, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to find it as soon as possible.

Can we change or cancel our reservation?

Yes !
Up to 7 days before the reserved date, you can change your reservation (date, time, choice of game) by sending us a message on our website. We will do our best, based on availability, to respond to your request.

You can also change the number of participants (up to the limit of the maximum number) until the beginning of the game: if, for example, you have booked for 2, you can come more and we will charge you the difference on the spot.

If you are unsure of the number of players at the time of booking, book for 2 and pay the difference when you arrive.

The Escape Game is a live activity, like a show, if you cancel we will unfortunately not be able to refund your deposit of 20 €. Instead, use the option to modify on line or send friends to replace you!

How much does it cost ?

Prices depend on the size of the team.
STUDENT OFFER: 25% discount on presentation of a student card. Offer valid from Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6PM.

Normal rates per session and per player:
Team of 2 35 €
Team of 3 28 €
Team of 4 24 €
Team of 5 20 €
Team of 6 18€

Student rates per session and per player:
Team of 2 26 €
Team of 3 21 €
Team of 4 18 €
Team of 5 15 €
Team of 6 13.5€

Can everyone participate ?

Anglophone players are welcome: all our escape games can be played in English.
Children: we welcome children from 12 years old. However, up to 15 years old, they can only play if there is at least an adult with them in the escape game.
Pregnant women: There are no physical tests or scary elements.

Can I come with friends who do not speak French ?

All our escape games can be played in both English and French at the same time.

How are the rooms ?

The rooms are specially decorated to suit their scenarios. You will be locked up, but no panic necessary, you can call the master of the game to go out at any time.
The rooms are well lit and airy.

Will I really be locked up?

No worries.
The game master monitors you in real time by cameras to help you and to hear you. You can call at any time to go out.
Each open room can in no case be closed again behind you, thus you won’t find yourself stuck in a room.

How should I prepare?

There is nothing to prepare.

No specific knowledge is required, a little logic, imagination and good humor can pave the way for success.

What is the difficulty level? I’ve never done it before, will I make it?

Our rooms are designed for players of all levels. The game master will ask for your level before the game, and adapt his support to simplify or make the game more difficult as you wish.

Do you record with the cameras?

No. We do not record with the cameras. The game master only uses them to guide you through the game.

Are the escape games scary?

No. The pressure just comes from the stopwatch. No scary situations or frightening surprises.

Un escape game… c’est dangereux ?

Non. L’escape game n’est pas une activité physique. Aucun talent de gymnaste n’est nécessaire pour résoudre les énigmes ou changer de salle. Il faut faire ni plus ni moins attention que dans la vie quotidienne. Vous serez surveillés par un maître du jeu en temps réel qui peut intervenir en cas de problème.

An escape game …is it dangerous?

No. The escape game is not a physical activity. No gymnast talent is needed to solve puzzles or change rooms. Just pay no more or less attention than in everyday life. You will be monitored by a game master who can intervene in case of problems.

Are there physical challenges in the game?

You don’t have to be athletic and no need to use strength or physical stamina. Only a certain manual agility is appreciated.

Does the game require a particular culture?

Not need to get a special degree to come play at RUSH HOUR. Logic, reflection and team spirit are enough to succeed.